Lacie 2big 4TB (9000191) Thunderbolt series

Lacie 2big 4TB (9000191) Thunderbolt series

Thunderbolt™ Series. Thunderbolt Power. 2big Versatility and Capacity. Shocking speeds up to 327MB/s RAID flexibility: speed or security with Mac® OS Dual Thunderbolt ports for daisy chaining Two hot-swappable disks for non-stop data access

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The Essential Professional Storage

With speeds up to three times faster than FireWire 800, LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series also features RAID security, hot-swappable disks, and daisy chain convenience. Heavy data users can turbo charge their workflow with jaw-dropping speed improvements. And capacities up to 6TB* on 7200rpm hard disks deliver the professional storage they demand. Improve your workflow. Get huge data storage. Ensure full data protection.

How it works:

Lightning Speeds Save Time

Transfer rates up to 327 MB/s**. More speed, more efficient workflow.


Backups take a fraction of the time, letting you back up more frequently.

Photographers using Lightroom® or Aperture® will notice significantly more responsive photo library browsing.

Videographers working in Final Cut Pro X® or other professional software can even stream multiple HD video streams directly from the drive.

Performance Comparison

Choose your mode:

(RAID 0)

(RAID 1)


RAID for Speed or Security

Use Disk Utility on your Mac OS to configure the 2big Thunderbolt Series into a RAID array that suits your needs. It's possible to set it up as a mirrored RAID set (RAID 1), which provides data protection if one disk fails. Thanks to its removable disks, you can simply replace a disk, with zero data loss and no work interruption. 

Alternatively, configure it as a striped RAID set (RAID 0) to maximize speed and capacity for large file storage and fast transfers. It even supports JBOD, which lets you assign each disk to a specific data storage task. For instance, you can put backups for even weeks on one disk, and odd weeks on the other. 

LaCie also offers the RAID Monitor software for your 2big Thunderbolt Series. It alerts you when a disk needs maintenance, identifies which drive has failed, and helps you to resolve the issue.

Daisy Chain to Multiply Options

Thunderbolt technology is the most flexible interface ever created. With dual Thunderbolt ports on the 2big, you can daisy chain up to six Thunderbolt peripherals together. That means you don't need to buy a hub to connect multiple devices to a single Thunderbolt port on your computer. In addition, it increases the total amount of storage you can make available to your Mac. 

Daisy chaining multiple 2bigs even pushes overall performance to more than 670MB/s** for your most data-intensive tasks. Thunderbolt technology is also mini-DisplayPort compatible. For example, you can connect a display and a 2big to your Mac via a single Thunderbolt cable. (Thunderbolt cables can be purchased separately

Aluminum Reliability and Security

The 2big's advanced dual cooling system ensures long-term reliability by preventing overheating. Its solid-aluminum casing provides 60% more surface area, which diverts and dissipates heat more efficiently. In addition, its thermo-regulated fan turns on and off according to internal temperature. As a result, it cools the components while reducing electricity usage. For more energy savings, the front power button even lets you turn off the product without breaking a daisy chain connection. 

Designed for Professionals

The 2big Thunderbolt Series was painstakingly designed to integrate seamlessly into professionals' workspace. The ultra-quiet cooling fan makes the 2big perfect for even the most noise-sensitive creative environments. What's more, you can stand it alone vertically, or lay it horizontally on your desk to stack with multiple products. Even neatly stack it with the LaCie d2 Desk Rack or standard 19" Rackmount Kit.

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