Sony Playstation 3 Media / Blu-ray Disc Remote Control

Sony Playstation 3 Media  /  Blu-ray Disc Remote Control

You've got all the tools for crafting the greatest entertainment experience you've ever known. Your PlayStation 3 is hooked up to your 3DTV, and the volume is pumping through your new Sony amps. You invited some friends over to watch a new movie you picked up on Blu-ray Disc. The picture's great, the sound is clear — now you just have to get away from the menu so the movie can actually start. You press a button on the remote. The movie doesn't start, but the sound shuts off — that was the remote for your speakers. Ok, no big deal. You find another remote and get ready to start the movie — but this is the remote for your TV. Looks like movie night's going to be delayed.

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