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We are a leading business in refurbished electronics and pre-owned devices in the US. We understand that staying connected and informed has never been more important than it is right now, so we strive to offer the best possible prices to our customers, cutting out the middle-men and markups in retail stores.

A core foundation of BuySPRY from the very beginning has been minimizing our own carbon footprint while reducing the electronic waste piling up all over our planet, so we are proud to say that BuySPRY has saved thousands of phones, laptops, tablets, and more from reaching landfills, all while operating our storefronts entirely online.

We are located in Maryland, and our team is determined to provide you with clean, tested, and excellent support throughout your entire purchase. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have, we are always happy to help!

Our Process



70-Point Testing

Once the devices are received by our testing professionals, each goes through a 70-point inspection to ensure functionality is up to par with any brand new device.



Cleaning and Presentation

Next, each device is cleaned, disinfected, and packaged. This is also the step where we grade the cosmetic condition of our devices as Excellent or Good, to ensure we are being as transparent as possible with our customers. Anything less than Good is sent back to the beginning of the process.



Getting the device to you!

The final part of the operation is getting every order shipped out as fast and safely as possible. Our warehouse staff handle each and every package with care, because as e-commerce customers ourselves, we know how disappointing it is when problems arise in the delivery process.

Mission Statement:

'' Be the global leader in quality refurbished and pre-owned electronics while reducing waste and providing affordable pricing.''

Vision Statement:

'' Educating and encouraging consumers to choose refurbished goods to create economic and environmental change.''



Questions or Concerns? Contact us!


Selling your future, today!

Tel: 240-912-9051

7917 Cessna Ave
Ste A

Gaithersburg, MD 20879

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